USB PC Microphone, TKGOU Ture Plug & Play Home Studio USB Computer Microphone With mute button, - Compatible with PC, laptop, Mac, ps4 - ideal for Youtube,Skype,Gaming,Podcast(1.5m /5ft)


  • ✅High quality microphone. The microphone is embedded in a patented audio filter that only records your sound and reduces noise, and delivers very clear audio for you. Your teammates can understand you perfectly.
  • ✅ Professional USB microphone. The USB microphone is ideal for video conferencing, Skype, dictation or speech recognition. The audio filter will give you a clear, confident sound. Includes explosion-proof filters! It can be used in conjunction with a variety of software such as recording, video chat and voice input.
  • ✅Plug and play, perfect compatibility. Just plug in the microphone to use! For laptop/desktop/Mac/PC, there is no need to install any programs or software. Compatible with all operating systems - Mac OS X Windows Linux - and each PC brand (Apple Asus HP, etc.), it is also ideal for gaming microphones such as the PS4.
  • ✅ Mute button. The microphone is equipped with a mute button that you can turn on and off by pressing a button on the dock, eliminating the need to manually mute and unmute. A small LED indicates if the microphone is muted.
  • ✅Simple and stylish appearance. Made of a mixture of metal and heavy plastic, it is sturdy and durable! Due to its weight, it is very stable and can be placed firmly on the table, simple and stylish. The microphone lever is fully adjustable

USB PC Microphone, TKGOU Ture Plug & Play Home Studio USB Computer Microphone Wi




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